We’ll See

The good news is we have lovely new fencing around the field [photo].
The bad news is built-up dirt along the fence line has sent all the water towards the driveway and the barn.
The good news is the gravel raised most of the flooring above the water line.
The bad news is the entryway needs to be handicap access. Any raised barrier to water would also be a raised barrier to Mathilda
The good news is trenches around the barn divert the water.
The bad news is Thunderpaws dislikes being wet, so he stands just outside, stomping the trenches into oblivion.
The good news is he is amenable to staying in a stall for the duration of the bad weather.
The bad news is if Rodney is in Mathilda will stand in the corner of the pen most likely to flood.
The good news is we have figured out how to keep the barn & all 8 hooves dry.
The bad news is someone has to be here to oversee the flood channels.
The good news is our lifestyle is such that I can usually be home for rain.
The bad news is even I like to leave the house occasionally. Cancelling riding lessons is okay. However, non-horse folks don’t truly understand, “I can’t meet you. It’s going to rain.”

And so on.

One thought on “We’ll See

  1. I feel your rain pain! I’ve had multiple dogs since I was 20 and there’s always at least one in the bunch who can’t do thunder and lightening. (Once I even had a barn cat who panicked when it stormed!) I’ve tried everything from melatonin to Thundershirts and nothing helps. I have to be here. Sometimes it takes takes some pretty creative ‘splainin’ to make it happen, but hey, that’s what Moms do!

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