Carrot Snob Redux

Mathilda has been refusing her carrots lately. She appears interested but won’t actually take a bite. What is she telling us?

1) It hurts to chew. Check teeth. Done. The vet felt that her teeth weren’t too bad but that he could improve her comfort. Mild points on the inside lower jaw filed down. She is eating her grain with more vigor and eating more hay. Still no to carrots.

2) I don’t like the taste. Winter carrots aren’t as sweet as spring and summer carrots. She has expressed opinions about her carrots before [Carrot Snob]. Nothing to do but wait.

3) You are trying to poison me. Mathilda has always had a deep-seated suspicion about oral medication or anything that might contain meds. These days, about half the time, if Hubby breaks the carrot, feeds half to Rodney, then Mathilda will eat the other half. Rodney is her royal taster.

This is why I call her names.


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