Housekeeping Theory #1

In my house, I am overly tolerant of dust, dirt, and cobwebs. I cannot abide disorder, grease, or spills. Guess which you find in a barn & which you don’t.


Department of Back Pattery
Haynet named Rodney’s Saga as yesterday’s Equestrian Blog of the Day. I’m chuffed (brit-speak for thrilled).

Expanding my Social Media Empire
I’ve started a Twitter account for the blog. Come on over and let me know who I should be following. Link on sidebar (—>) under Follow by Facebook.


GKP Rhythm Ghost 1

2 thoughts on “Housekeeping Theory #1

    1. Ghost is definitely warming to us. He will still occasionally stare at me as if I’m wearing my invisible kitty-fur hat & then dart away. Generally during the day. In late evening, he likes to sit behind the monitor at bat at my fingers. I try to gently discourage the claws without discouraging him.

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