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My monthly meta-post on blogging. [Previous posts.]

I have been a blogging fairy godmother, trapsing around the Internet, sprinkling electrons hither and yon, providing glass keyboards for those who wish to join the party. Which is an elevated way of saying that when your one tool is a hammer, you tend to see everything as a nail. Your barn needs a newsletter? How about using a blog instead? WHAM! Published essayist? You’d make a great blogger. Have you thought about starting one? WHAM!

So. for your enjoyment and taking more credit than I deserve, here are two blogs I fomented last week:

Stepping Stone Farm Newsletter
I have been yapping on about this barn for a while [saddleseat posts].

Been There, Done That
Kathie P. Mautner, the writer of BTDT, has been an excellent and most audacious fellow conspirator for many of my back-in-the-day adventures, as evidenced from her many photo bylines herein. She was also the owner of the Crazy Jumper Mare of whom I have spoken so fondly [pictured here, with blaze].

To quote from her introduction, Greetings And Salutations:

I’m well into the second half of my existence, more or less retired, and have always wished that I had a forum for stray thoughts.

To date, stray thoughts have covered ..

Reinterpreting old songs. Were they really so innocent back then?

Dancing with horses, dancing with guys
Comparing getting ready for a horse show with getting ready for a dance competition. A good ballroom dancing heat reminds her of a well-executed dressage test, but this time she doesn’t get to hold the reins.

Baubles, Bangles and Beads
You ain’t gonna see this color in the hunter ring.
KPM blue detail

A Brief History of Eventing
Where the three phases came from and why they were important in a cavalry horse’s career.

That’s just the first week. Go over and give her some Internet love.

GKP Dash 1

5 thoughts on “End of the Month Commentary – Blogs

  1. Dash-it-all looks like a very serious puppy. Is he camera shy? Or just striking his “this is my better profile” pose?

    1. Not serious. Not shy. Not posing. All will be revealed in follow-up photo, coming soon. I thought this would be a good ‘spreading the love’ image.

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