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I have taken up the challenge issued by Halt, Salute and . . . to Creative Pay it Forward:

The first five people to comment on this post will receive a gift from me sometime this calender year! … The catch is you must make the same offer on your own page …. Offer applies worldwide – I will post anywhere! … To keep it simple, I’ll Pay it Forward for the first five comments on this blog – not on my Facebook page, Twitter account or on Haynet.

Anyway, let’s have some craic with this!

Rodney’s Saga Rewards might consist of
* A nice print if I struck it lucky with a photo this year.
* A bibelot at the intersection of LEGO and horses (I just finished four days of BrickFair).
* Ditto books and horses.
* A Spotted of your own, particularly if you live somewhere exotic relative to me (Eastern US) and are likely to retaliate with a Spotted At … photo.

Craic – Not what you think. Explanation from The CRAIC is Mighty, complete with T-shirt:

The Irish keep talking about craic – but have a tough time defining it. …. I would say the essence of craic is in the talk and banter of good company, a group of people getting together to have a laugh and most of all to take a break from being serious about life.

,,, or being serious about our blogs.

So, the first five to comment right here AND post a similar offer on their blog will receive an item of dubious but amusing value.

I will ponder a similar offer for nonblogging readers for the future.

3 thoughts on “Pay It Forward

  1. I’ll have a go – I’m not very creative so not sure what I’ll send! Im only on haynet so I’ll post mine on there.

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