Thoughts During Morning Chores

Why stalls?

How did my life get arranged that I am cleaning up after two horses, one two dogs, and four cats? (The other dog and the three adult cats are still on the low-maintenance plan.) How did horses go from in front of the cart to getting a ride in the back? Why is so much of my day spent relocating poop from here to there?

This is not modern question. When horses pulled carts and trams and carriages in the city, they had to live close to where they were needed. Can you imagine the manure pile in the middle of Manhattan? Cars were seen as an improvement from the unsightly, smelly mess of the then-current transportation system.

Manure moving most likely dates back to the beginning of domestication. As soon as we put animals in a particular place for our convenience, we had to deal with the fallout. So to speak. It’s no different from people, I guess. As soon as you concentrate a bunch of digestive systems in a given space, you have sewage.

And on a separate note, may I add how hard it is to type cHORES instead of cHORSE? After all these years of eq writing, my fingers are on autopilot.
Gratuitous Kitten Pic

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