A Horse’s Thanksgiving

What a horse is thankful for
Good food
Clean water
A job to do
A safe environment
Shoes when my feet hurt
Shade when it’s hot
Breezes in summer
Sun in winter

Translation for humans
Good food – You’re late.
Clean water – Water tastes so much better after being carried in a bucket.
A job to do – A job that I understand, not what you think I ought to understand by now. Or even what I understood yesterday.
A safe environment – You would be amazed what I can hurt myself on.
Company – Alert! Alert! Abandoned foal in barn! Come back! Come back!
Carrots – More. Now. Let me check your pockets to be sure.
Scratchies – Don’t stop!
Shoes when my feet hurt – Custom-fitted by an expert who still makes housecalls.
Grass – Onion breath.
Shade when it’s hot – Nap time!
Breezes in summer – A fan will do nicely thank you.
Sun in winter – Pit stains when it’s too cold to bathe.

What is your horse (cat, dog, spouse) thankful for this year?
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4 thoughts on “A Horse’s Thanksgiving

  1. “What is your horse (cat, dog, spouse) thankful for this year?”

    Love. And a good timely feed. OK ….. mostly a good timely feed. 😉

  2. i would give all that and more to have one of my horses back, even if i still can’t ride. damn nerves – the physical ones, that is

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