Barn Safety

In firefighting, there is the concept of the collapse zone. This is the area one & a half times the height of a building. If there’s a suspicion of potential collapse, everyone stays far enough back to be out of harm’s way should the building come down. For a structure fire in a mobile home, this means the front yard. For a skyscraper, it could be quite a distance.

Ever tried to groom a horse while staying out of the collapse zone? Yes, one should always be on alert around horses, fleet-footed and ready to flee. Yet we all fall into slovenly habits around horses we know. I certainly do. These days, I have to pay extra attention when grooming Mathilda. Stay on my feet in a balanced crouch, one eye on the horse, ready to pull back. Resist the urge to kneel down, lean over too far, or dart around to her bad side for “just a minute.” Plus, you know how horses lift a leg when you get to an itchy spot? Imagine this on a horse who has a questionable number of functioning legs to begin with. Never a dull moment.

In truth, Mathilda is no longer radically tippy. She has reached a funky but working equilibrium. It’s more that if she were to fall, I don’t wish to be underneath.

What barn (pet, house) routines have you had to change or adapt over the years?
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Help with those hard to reach spots.

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