As I said yesterday [Up], I have added handwalks to Mathilda’s repertoire. Here’s what I don’t get. Mathilda comes storming out of the barn of a morning. We have a drink and go stomping off to graze. She will drag me hither and yon, as far as, let’s say, Point X. She can graze for an hour and still have to be hauled away from the grass.

Alternatively, I take her out for a gentle stroll. We walk to Point X, go up to the trough for a drink, and return to the barn. Where upon she leans a hip against the wall and is tired for the rest of the day. Same distance. Not all that much slower. The only difference is that one is in fits & starts; the other all in one go. It is the difference between running errands and walking laps on the track.

It has been thus for a while. Back when Mathilda was out 24/7, I still took her for walks around the pasture [My Two Horses]. A solid chunk of continuous exercise got her joints moving and gave her a chance to hock up the cobwebs. You’d think walking a horse that is out on pasture would be redundant, but no.

Anyone else have to exercise their lawn ornaments?
Gratuitous Kitten Pic

Get at the soft, chewy center.

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