Horse Hunt Progress Report #2

Remessaged the two individuals with horses for sale [HHPR#1]. Whatever made me think they would get back to me with more details &/or videos? Just because I might want to shovel wheelbarrow loads of money at them? It’s not unique to horse shopping. When we were farm hunting, Realtors found us boring. This was at the height of the housing market. They could live the good life by selling cookiecutter units in developments. Why mess with one-off properties that required actual work, with no easy comparables, and a land/house imbalance that did no appeal to mortgage resellers… But I digress. When we fenced the field, one company showed up but never bothered to send an estimate. I figure they took one look around & couldn’t believe we would build a fence that outclassed our house. (We did.) Another company didn’t even express interest in showing up. Dunno what his excuse was. Recently, an HVAC repair company came out, pronounced our AC throughly dead, gave us an estimate – we are talking horse-purchase amounts of money – but never got back to us with the modest amount of information we requested, or followed up in any way. Is it me? Is it the South? Perhaps the economy has improved and they have all the money they need. Grumble, grumble. We will now attempt to return to our regularly scheduled, sunny-tempered broadcast.

How do you reboot from a bad mood?

Later: In talking with Fairy Godmother [HHPR#1] about a horse, I reformulated [Truck Shopping] my mission statement. I have the tortured hero. I’m looking for the comedic sidekick. List of Horse Shopping Posts

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  1. Ah, coffee. I tends to fire up my motivation. However, the shaking and mental gymnastics that sometimes occur result in scattered and random action instead of actual forward progress. YMMV.

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