Whole New World

Checked out a new style of show yesterday. Trail + Cross-country + Agility = Obstacle Challenge.
A few of the Obstacles:

Cross the Bridge
Thru the Curtain
Stand on the Table
Teeter the Totter
Kick the Ball
Spin the Umbrella
Up the Steps

Rodney can so DO this. OTOH, yesterday’s competitors where western horses or Paso Finos. I’ll have to make sure the table is heavyweight rated before Rodney climbs on.

Have you ever Obstacled?

5 thoughts on “Whole New World

  1. That’s a horse show I could enjoy. Looks sort of like Goofy Golf for horses.

  2. it’s catching on in a really big way in Britain, competitions and levels (to be developed), video entries for those who can’t make it to Britain, she’s written a whole book about it. Horse Agility – probably on Amazon. super if Rodney could do it. There aren’t a humongous amount of western or paso horses in Britain. i haven’t read the book yet – the stack of ‘books to be read’ is almost as tall as i am (which, to be fair, isn’t all that much) but i think i’m gonna read it out of sequence. i’ d love to see rodney doing this course.

    1. Vanessa Bee? I have her book, along with a stack of others on agility & liberty work. As you say, in the To-Be-Read pile. Yesterday’s version was mounted. I can just imagine coming down off that table on horse back!

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