A Suffusion of Yellow

[Nothing of bloggable note happening around here, so I must look outward.]

From the App Store, a Magic 8-Ball [proprietary or virtual] for horses:

Horse I Ching

When I “Ask the Horses”, the result can be weirdly accurate. Other times, it’s an S of Y. Today I asked:

Q: What will be Rodney’s first horse show with me?
A: Conflict is not always obvious to the observer. Things may appear to be going well, though an eruption is brewing just below the surface.

Make of that what you will. Either way, you get gorgeous horse pictures along with the advice.

InSilico also puts out

Celestial Tones

Magic Mouth

The people behind InSilico are horse folks, so profits go to a good cause, i.e. carrots. feed, hay…

What is your favorite non-linear source of advice?

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