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Blog research has been an excellent excuse for causing major hitpoints to our data plan looking for up-to-the-minute information on the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event last week. I even dipped into the USEF Network videos for cross-country and show jumping. Usually, I don’t touch video. It just makes the imaginary meter whir. So, why is live so much different than DVD? The objective experience is no different. Either way, eyeballs meet colored lights on a small, flat box. Does the thrill from knowing that the activity is occurring as you watch equal magical thinking or epistemological nuance?

During the week, I felt weirdly in sympathy with the four-star riders. In the run up, these people have spent all day, every day with these horses. They watched every step for indications of a problem. They obsessed about every mouthful of food and water. Yes, these are superfit athletes at the top of their game, and I am at the opposite end of the spectrum hand-grazing one geriatric mare, but guess what I’m doing? Spending all day at the barn, watching & obsessing.

Now I’ll have to end the blog after a year. I’ve told my best Rolex stories. What would I have to say in 2013?

For those in the audience keeping score. Mathilda’s immediate crisis appears to be over & we have moved on to secondary complications, i.e. the opposite leg is sore from bearing the extra weight. Drat.

What was your most recent virtual/vicarious experience?

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  1. Glad Mathilda’s better but I miss hearing about Rodney. How is the last knot coming along?

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