Warning – Dreary Monday

Work: PM1 heat session/EVE grooming scheduled.
Report: lots of yawns. While I am all for happy horse, I wish there was a way other than hindsight to tell if this quantity of mouth motion meant permanent progress or just temporary satisfaction.

Ramblings for the day: started off by reading a moving description of the loss a horse, The Grasshopper, and spent the day in gloomy, weepy mood. Mind you, I have never met Hopper or his rider. The story made me realize how much I still miss Previous Horse. Okay, he was a cranky, opinionated PIA. You get no argument from me. He never loved me about all else, as Hopper apparently did. Caesar only ever loved Caesar. He cared not a whit if I fell off. But I totally trusted his athletic ability. If I could stay over the top, he would get us out of whatever hairy mess I tossed us into. Provided he deigned to go near said hairy mess in the first place.

It’s been a 2 years 9 months and I still choked up as I wrote a sympathy message on the post. Can’t swear to being dry-eyed as I type this either. Yet, Caesar’s passing was in the fullness of time. He was well into a happy retirement when he passed away suddenly and, as far as we could tell, painlessly. If I was an enlightened sort, I might be able to accept this as the circle of life.

The point? I have no point. I want my horse back.

4 thoughts on “Warning – Dreary Monday

  1. Yeah, it choked me up as well, especially because her description of Hopper is so much like my Toddy. I’m convinced that Toddy did love me, though it was years in the earning and I took quite a beating getting there. Now my #1 guy is Spike, who I bred and raised and adore … but I know that while he is built like a brick shithouse, and has a sweet and uncomplicated heart and will try anything for me, Spike will never, ever be Toddy’s athletic or intellectual equal. I want my horse back too.

  2. I’m so sorry! It is horrible losing animals we love. Just Horrible. Thinking of you – Elizabeth H.

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