Let Me Count The Ways

Work plan: as usual – heat therapy, walk, groom, perhaps groundwork if I don’t run out of day.
Report: Wanted to get my V-day message out early.

Ramblings for the Day: Keep your flowers and candy. My wonderful, terrific husband will

Medicate Rodney twice a day.
CarrY buckets of hot water out to the barn in cold weather.

Cook meals on a camp stoVe at a horse show.
Listen to all my horse-related Angst.
Load hay at the feed store & unload it at home.
Feed in the Evenings.
Drive with me to the Next state to look at a horse.
Shop for & vet my next Truck.
BuIld jumps.
Be my grouNd person
Refence the Entire pasture.

I am one lucky lady.

What does your valentine do for you – that can be shared on a public forum?

2 thoughts on “Let Me Count The Ways

  1. He scoops out the litter boxes, does laundry, and finds the best prices on all of the books I want.

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