Giving New Meaning to Having A Stone In One’s Shoe

Rodney is fine. Popped it out with a hoofpick. I was checking them often that day, so it wasn’t in for very long.

He was able to stand on it. He looked like he was wearing a high-heeled shoe. Didn’t see him walk with it, as they were standing in the barn. When I saw Rodney, I first thought he was pointing his foot, the way they do when a hoof hurts. Then I got closer. Dang!

Thought about treating the sole &/or soaking the foot. Decided to let it alone and see if Rodney wanted to make a production out of it.

Forgive the photo quality. Clearly, I wanted to be quick. Equally clearly, it wasn’t too much of a crisis if I could pause to take photos.


2 thoughts on “Giving New Meaning to Having A Stone In One’s Shoe

    1. When horses are concerned, you’re looking at a number that makes Pi seem small.

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