Dreams Are Weird

Over the weekend, I had a getting-ready, anxiety dream.

I was to ride Bliss, Coach Kate’s outstanding driving horse. [ICDE 2017]

Tack up.

Wait, I need a helmet.

I have one in my truck.

Being a dream, getting back to my truck involved climbing through a parking garage. All of this took place in a hurry. Move! Lesson is about to start!

Hold on, I cleared everything out of the back passenger area to make space for the dogs.

Now what?

Never fear. Friend from another life, who owns a tack shop, appears. I can go back with her and get a helmet.

I wake up.

The mind is weird.


2 thoughts on “Dreams Are Weird

  1. You had a lot of back and forthing lately with family stuff, dogs and Milton. No wonder you are having traveling with stuff dreams!

  2. Sorry that Bliss factored into stress dream… I wish you WOULD/COULD ride her regularly, she’s getting fat as a house…

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