Between The Ears, Camel View, Guest Photos

My step-niece went on a camel ride in Dubai. Photo credits, all but one by Kelly Mellon.

Notice the hand in the lower left of the ears photo. I asked about tack. She said, “Yes, there was a ‘saddle’ but I’m not sure if that’s what you call it. Just a firm handle really to hang onto for dear life! Especially when they stand up and sit down, it’s needed!”

I assumed that the snoot guards were due to the camel reputation as a snarky bastards. Kelly was told the muzzles were to keep the camels from eating the bushes.

Taken by Kelly’s tour guide, S., with Get Your Guide: Al Khayma Desert Camp.

No reins! For the dude in the back, not even a person leading your camel. That would make me nervous.

Thank you Kelly! Vicarious travel for the win!

Kelly online. Instagram, @thisisnotafacade: Dubai pics. Blog, This Is Not A Facade. Mentioned previously [Pondering The Past, Wondering If It Ever Even Happened]

All photos supplied by Kelly. I added watermarks & borders. I blurred the faces of the other riders, since I haven’t talked to them, and I overcompensate on privacy issues.


3 thoughts on “Between The Ears, Camel View, Guest Photos

  1. My husband and I are planning Egypt in 2029 for our 10 year anniversary. Now, I haven’t ridden a horse in over 11 years for a myriad of reasons, but I definitely do want to try to take a camel ride near the pyramids. Hopefully when we go, that will be something we can do. I did ride a camel once at a fair like maybe 30 years ago. I really don’t remember it. I rode an elephant too.

  2. Wonderful! I did get to ride on a camel around the Great Pyramids, Giza, Egypt, as a youngster, with my family and the photos are my real memories of it.

    But, as an adult, I went on a camel trek in south Texas, in the Big Bend State Park. Wow. I had to learn how to move, or sway, with camel when they stand up, or kneel on ground. It’s another skill set for riding. Then, they just mosey on …. The saddle is 9-feet off the ground, and if you fall, and hit your head (unlikely), that’s a 12-foot fall. Those camels were so nice, friendly, and just wanted a snack if you had one, when we corralled at night (3-day trek). We were told by the trek leader/owner, that camels are gentle, but when they’ve been abused, that’s when they retaliate with spitting, biting, kicking, etc., and I probably would too.

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