A Chakra Moment, Repost

Another repost instead of new writing. The house has decided to act up. Because why not. Original post [Off Topic: A Chakra Moment 2014]


A while back I had a molar causing trouble. After a failed root canal, an emergency dental visit, and a failed endodontic treatment, it was deemed time to pull the tooth. I was happy to see it go.

The tooth refused to go. The first section came out immediately. The second half of the tooth was wedged. It took long enough that the dentist admitted he was having trouble. Not something medical professionals do easily. No complications. No pain. Just a cork that refused to come out of the bottle.

Letting go is not my forte. I have bank statements from the early ’90s neatly filed away. As my dentist took a break, I wondered if I was subconsciously holding on. I pondered. The jaw would be part of the throat chakra. Wiki defines chakras as energy points in the body. There are seven, lined up from head to crotch. The way I learned the system, the first chakra is the top of the head. That would make the throat chakra number three.

The dentist returned. He waded back into the fray. I took a breath. I exhaled. I thought to myself, ‘Release through the third chakra.’ The tooth slid out as if oiled.

Causation? Coincidence? The world may never know.


2 thoughts on “A Chakra Moment, Repost

  1. I wish I’d know about that back in the day when I had to have a molar pulled. It was already dead, extraction was the only option. Or does that make it an option at all? Anyway, it took a long time, and the dentist said the roots weren’t straight. Ouch.

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