When Zoomies Go Wrong

Awareness of the outside world. What science says about the “fresh start effect.” In search of an attainable New Year’s resolution. Volpe, Dec 11, 2022. Time to crack open that brand new calendar. I hope 2023 is blessed for all of us.


Milton’s shoulder. Notice the distinctly hoof-shaped nature of the injury? Worry not, the discoloration is dirt, not bodily fluids. The abrasion itself had already started to heal over.

No lameness. Minor swelling. A day off from work and a light handwalk to get everything moving.

Their games are more about feinting than connecting. We figure someone was in the wrong place or the other one miscalculated their reach.

We know it was zoomies rather than a fight. Due to …

  1. Activity in the cow field next door. This always sets them off.
  2. Catching part of the show while shoveling poop.
  3. Massive quantity of skid marks in the field.

It was a very Rodney-esque injury. Dramatic. Enough to get time off and sympathy. Not enough to be actually harmful or to cramp one’s style.

Aftermath. Milton continued to be fine, but the material from the swelling had to go somewhere. We got to watch the swelling progress down his leg. The migrating wodge was stone cold and unilateral. Still, even when your horse is perfectly sound, it is never fun to see a swollen leg, knee, ankle.

Thanks guys! Let’s not do this again.


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