Art Deco Logo Redo


Awareness of the outside world. Same event; different fan bases. From the stamp folks. Linn’s Stamp News: Austrian stamp celebrates Lego 90th anniversary, Bigalke, Sep 28, 2022. From the LEGO folks. Brick Fanatics: Special LEGO 90th anniversary stamp issued by Austrian Post, Yeo, . Hat tip to D for the article.



Process Notes

This was the original design I posted. [Art Deco Logo]

First redo. Everyone agreed that the first R was a better choice. Changed the second R. Changed others to be in line with the R.

Letters that were changed.

While the 1st redo had a pleasant look, the letters were simply variations on a shape. The result was more of an intellectual exercise than an aesthetic one.

So, for the redo above, I did what looked good instead of following the dictates of the grid. For example, the arms of the gold V are wider than the arms of the U. You can see how the center space is narrower in the V. However, the weighting of the letters is closer this way.


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