DIY Ice Boots


Awareness of the outside world. The world can keep track of itself for a while.


shipping wrap(s)
frozen pops

Put on shipping wrap with lowest strap snug around fetlock.
Insert ice pops along the leg.
Fasten rest of the straps.

I use 2 pops on each side of the leg, meaning 4 pops per leg, two legs a time, swap out 8 new frozen new pops for the back legs. I’m glad I have the economy-sized bag of ice pops, which I only bought because that’s what the store had.

Internet recommends 20-30 minutes.

Not veterinary advice. YMMV. (It’s reflex. Lotta lawyers in the family.)


Is there ever a good reason to need ice boots?

Rodney is presenting with swollen lower legs and a mild fever. Suspicion falls on a virus.

Attitude great. Treats and carrots go in the appropriate slot. No pain behaviors. Moving a bit slowly. Sound despite legs that look like tree trunks.

Rodney is the opposite of stoic. If he says he’s good, then there is nothing nowhere that is bothering him. This is the upside of dealing with a cupcake.

We anticipate that he will be fine in a few days.

Update. Milton’s legs swelled a few days later. He preferred one pop per side rather than two.


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