Trotting Along


Awareness of the outside world. Medium: Abraham Wald and the Missing Bullet Holes, an excerpt from How Not To Be Wrong by Jordan Ellenberg.


Took advantage of holiday weekend to make two trips to Falcon Hill Farm.

First Schooling Day

Other horses!

In the ring!

Including cute pony mare!

Like rider, horse needs to get out more.

Actually …

Cute pony mare!

… is an improvement over …

Cute! Pony! Mare!

Progress log: trotted crossrails.

Second Schooling Day

Worked on my follow-thru after jumps.

I have a tendency to start celebrating as soon as I am over a jump. Meanwhile, the back half of the horse still needs to clear the fence.

This is particularly likely when going slowly over low obstacles. Rodney does not approve of the dereliction of riderly duties, even if it is to congratulate him. He wants know that I have a plan.

Progress log: trotted crossrails.


3 thoughts on “Trotting Along

  1. No pix of the cute! pony! mare!? I used to own a cute! pony! mare!, as I’m sure you recall. Your legs were below her belly when you rode her in an event for me.

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