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Fiction from the outside world. Recent (re)read. The Murderbot Diaries by Martha Wells. Soup to nuts, six in the series and two shorts. Do you reread? Free fiction. Two online, stand-alone short stories from the series. Wired: The Future of Work: Compulsory & Tor.com: Home: Habitat, Range, Niche, Territory. [Virtual Attitude, Woe Is Us]


What Have We Here?

Over on Errant Moon, the blogger/knitter announced the sale of two keychains. (Image from post.)

“I sold two fossil Ammonite keyrings that may, or may not, show up in the next Matt Smith film. I am being very cool about it….”

Well THAT took longer than expected…

Intriguing. I poked about on the Internet. Made a comment to that effect.

Internet says the next movie for MS is supernatural horror. Cue ominous music. Just when you thought it was safe to sit on the couch.


Couldn’t let it go.

Since then I have been trying to figure out how adorable knitted pillows keychains could figure in a horror movie, supernatural or otherwise. Ignore the fact that I confused keychains for pillows. Two at the end left over from that.

For keychains, pillows, and other knitted goodies, Etsy: The Errant Moon.


Possible Plots

Symbol of a Stalker

You get out of a difficult relationship, either business or romantic. You move across country. You change your name. Years pass. One night you come home. You unlock the three bolts on your front door. You disable the alarm. You notice an adorable knitted keychain hanging on your key hook. An adorable knitted keychain that wasn’t there this morning.

Unseen Symbol of a Stalker

… as above except Main Character does not notice the keychain. Audience does. Set up for jump scare.

Angry, Angry Aliens

They were outraged to find humans using alien eggs for decor. When they discovered the objects were crafted artifacts rather than eggs, it was too late.

Aliens On Alert

Aliens plant listening devices in harmless household objects.


The government plants listening devices in … no, wait. We pay with our own money to bring listening devices into our homes. Orwell never saw that coming.

Movie Posters & Book Taglines

The Keychain

Some doors were never meant to be opened!


The Keychain

What would you do with the power to open ANY door?


The Keychain

It holds the key to your dreams.

Are you ready to face your dreams?


Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Sit On The Couch

Pillow Talk

Psychic pillow absorbs & re-emits feelings generated around it. However, happy feelings are generally broadcast into the air, several feet from pillow. Sad feelings are sobbed into pillow. Therefore pillow absorbs mostly unhappy feelings. Pillow becomes despondent. An angry psychic emitter is not a good thing to have in one’s home.

Pillows Talk

… as above, except a pair. One pillow designed to absorb/emit “good” feelings. The other one, “bad” feelings. Is okay because they balance each other. Then the pair is split up. Cue ominous music. The “good” pillow in the house leads to manic behavior and misplaced optimism. The “bad” pillow leads to apathy. While grayness and despair are not fun, nothing much happens. More “bad” results come from “good” pillow. Make point that no behavior is inherently good or bad unless excess makes it so.

=== curtain ===

6 thoughts on “Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Unlock Your Door, Fiction Fragments

  1. I will never look at my knitting in the same way again 😳
    I watched Last Night In Soho with Matt Smith recently, he was fascinatingly menacing in it…so I’ll probably watch the new one 😁

  2. More please. Have to look up that movie. I don’t go to theaters so I don’t keep up with movies.
    Manic. Apathy. Sounds like bi-polar. Have you been looking in my medicine cabinet?

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