We Ride At Dawn, Again, Week 5, Virtual Tevis 2022


Awareness of the outside world. Health Imaging: Be prepared: IV contrast media shortage could last up to 8 weeks, Murphy, May 06, 2022.


Total. 33.8 miles, 18 rides, 14 hours 57 minutes, 26:32 pace, 2.12 mph.

This week. 6.3 miles, 4 rides, 2 hours 35 minutes. Pace & rate, as above.

Pace recorded from results, mph calculated. That’s why they don’t match. According to an online running calculator, a 26.32 pace equals 2.2 mph, while 2.12 mph converts to a 28.18 pace. Meh. Close enough. You get the idea. Turtle power!


First pre-breakfast ride of the year. Horses are fine with it. Me, not so much. Doesn’t matter what time I get to bed. I will never be a morning bunny.

Despite our leisurely speed, we are in the middle of the pack, 177 & 178 out of 370 (48%). Only 20 have finished. From this I assume that the real endurance riders are off doing IRL endurance rides. The VT has settled down to folks who knock off a few miles at a time.

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