Independent Aids, Yea or Nay?


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Claim: There is no such thing as Independent Aids in riding.

Oh, I understand the theory. When we first get on a horse, our hands bounce up and down with each post. Not good. To get us to stop waving our hands about, instructors tell us to move our body & hands independently.



The more I ride, the more I think independent action is an illusion.

Every part of the body is connected to every other part. A given.

We are balancing on a moving object. A given for riding.

Therefore, a movement here will have an effect over there.

Coach Courtney shifted my feet two inches forward and it changed my entire alignment.

I find that the way I hold my shoulders effects how I use my hands.

We don’t use body part X to do Y.

We use our weight and our eyes and our hands and our legs and so on and so on to do Y.



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  1. Definitely we are each a unified whole. The trick is to focus the whole on the expression of the wish of the whole through a single part. Think yoga.

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