The Effort Required For Everyday Tasks

Fit To Ride

Awareness of the outside world. CBSNews: Rising fuel prices and corporate profits — not wages — are chiefly to blame for inflation, Ivanova, February 22, 2022.

Also, Ukraine. Have no idea what to say.

Since I have my phone with me to record walk mileage, I have tracked activities of daily living.

Loading Horses

Remember I said that horses soak up a lot of my energy? [Time Off]

A while back, I went over to Stepping Stone Farm help load horses for a show. While I was waiting, I did my daily mile. [October Walks]

Out of curiosity, I restarted the GPS when the bus showed up and we started seating passengers. How long does it take to load six horses and a cart? The envelope, please …

… over half an hour, over half a mile. This was the second shift, so all the gear had already gone with the first group. This was a load & go pitstop. Still took that much effort.


This was a quick trip. Baking aisle. Laundry aisle. Automotive department. Check out. Done.

From the Past, Grooming At A Show

My GPS track for the day.

Horsemanship Challenge, 2014, mileage not recorded [Grooming Tweets]

Back to Loading Horses

I call this The Loading Waltz.


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  1. Beats sitting on the couch. I believe that four legs and fur/hair lengthens your life span. This may be one reason why.

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