Rain, Rain, Go Thataway


Awareness of the outside world. Speaking of weather, heart goes out the Midwest & South, not that this does anybody any good. Cash does. “After seeing destroyed homes and people who have lost everything, we may be tempted to donate clothing, food, bottled water or other supplies. Aid organizations say donations like that often create logistical nightmares and more expense. A financial donation can be spent on what is needed most at that particular moment.Weather.com: How to Help Victims of Deadly Tornado Outbreak.

Pause to center.


Over time, the floor of the run-in shed has been stomped into a bowl. Rain leaks in the upper doorway and never leaves. Ultimately, the area needs to be refloored with a metric sh*t ton of gravel. Until then, we installed a door sill.

Heading in.

Heading out.

We chose to make the step obvious so the horses would see it and step over it, rather than a narrow lip that might catch their feet. Sloped on the outside to direct rain away (crosses fingers).

Much spinning and hopping when they first saw it. Now they walk right over it.

So far, so dry.

Barn owners, do you find yourselves working as amateur hydrologists when dealing with rain and run-off?


Admin note. I scheduled the door sill post before the recent weather. I couldn’t figure out if the two sections together are timely or tone deaf. When folks have lost everything, muddy footing is a minor inconvenience. However, a minor problem is still a problem to be solved & horses standing in mud can lead to health issues. End navel gazing.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

2 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, Go Thataway

  1. The rain is raining all around…
    And we all have to deal with it.
    I agree with your thoughts.
    A door sill may be a minor problem but it is still a problem.
    Worse problems don’t make it any less so.
    However, having said that, it is heartbreaking to see so much devastation.
    Thank you for the tip on cash, not stuff.

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