Strolling Of An Evening, Or Trying To


Awareness of the outside world. Could you live or work in a former church? Whatever: And Now, the Latest Scalzi Acquisition.

Now that Greg is riding more (yay!), we are riding together (yay!). That often means riding after work (not so yay.).

Evening has never been Rodney’s fav time of day. Because it’s getting cooler? Getting darker? Who knows.

In order to get him adjusted to the concept, we have gone back to first principles. Handwalks in the gloaming. Stand practice as the sun sets. He’s better with company, not surprising. So we practice the baby steps when Milton’s rider can’t get away before dark.

To date, Rodney is calm on the surface, but jumpy underneath. He doesn’t believe yet.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

3 thoughts on “Strolling Of An Evening, Or Trying To

  1. Only 14 days until the sun starts back!

    Loved the Scalzi piece. I once contemplated buying a former Quaker Meeting House but decided that the vibes would conflict with my wild times.

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