Milton’s Monday, Pardon The Poop Pix


Awareness of the outside world. I got nothing. The news seems both horrible and boring.

You know you are a horsey family when this is the text your send your husband while he is at work … and he is happy to get it.

No Hunter Barn lesson last week. Milton decide to have a lukewarm attitude toward his morning treats. [Feet Change]

Cue panic.

Walking. Banamine. Alert the vet. Clear the decks. As one does.

If it even was colic.

He never stopped eating. He was just less enthused than usual. Given his Sharknado tendencies toward food, that a) dropped him back down to the realm of normal and b) was cause for concern.

He never stopped pooping.

Gut sounds galore.

If it was colic, it was the world’s most minor case. (Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.)

Still, I can’t help see but see colic as a management disease. Did we feed him too much of this? Not enough of that? Worming? Water? Work?

Or maybe it was just a moment. If it had happened three hours earlier or three hours later, we might never have known about it. Who knows what our horses get up to when we are not around.

Rodney came with us on our walks. I think they can sense a disturbance in the Force.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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