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Awareness of the outside world. AL.com: Alabama doctor says he won’t treat unvaccinated people: ‘COVID is miserable way to die’. Gore. Aug 17. Hard to argue with “I can’t watch them die like that.”

“Say what you want about content and fan-engagement, Breyer is a business. Their prime directive is to sell plastic ponies. BreyerFest makes it disturbingly easy to buy plastic ponies.” [On Being An Energetic Couch Jockey BreyerFest 2021]

What I ordered & why.

Twelve seems like a lot, and it is, but it could have been way worse. I like the models with odd colors, what Breyer calls decorators. I should have been all over the BreyerFest theme, Horse of a Different Color. Unfortunately, almost every decorator model was a variation of color on a white base. Straight up white plastic doesn’t do it for me. Personal taste. The only all-color model was Favile, which is why I got a freedom scale model, usually not my favorite. If more of the models had been less white, these photos would look very different. As was, it was easy for me to walk away.

The Bigs

Dani – Appaloosa, Celebration model, came with my ticket. Breyer: Guest Horses – BreyerFest 2021, Breyer: Let’s Celebrate!!

Pollock – Rearing rainbow, one of the main reasons to get the more expensive ticket is the chance to order Special Run models, so I had to get something, right? Otherwise, what was the point of buying the more expensive ticket? I believe this is called the Sunk Cost Fallacy. [Breyer: Amazing in Technicolor!]

Special Run certificate from Breyer: Exclusive Models – BreyerFest 2021.

Apollo – gold, with mane, now Fire has a brother, seemed like reason enough. Breyer: Guest Horses, [First Model]

Favrile – smaller, multi-color. Breyer: Horse of MANY Colors!

The Littles

Avant Garde – purple
Dada – blue & white
Nouveau – yellow and other colors
Rococo – brown & white

Another perk of the All-Access ticket was the ability to order the set of four stablemates, the only way to acquire the complete set, otherwise you got one at random. Breyer does an excellent job of increasing sales through forced scarcity. At least, it works on me. Breyer: Art as Movement.

Kaleidoscope – multi-color, pretty. Breyer: Reveal time!

Kaleidoscope II – got a second one so that I could … I’m not sure what. Seemed like a good idea at the time.


To decrease the feeding frenzy, the mid-level models – Limited Edition vs. Special Run – were available as backorder once the stock ran out. They won’t ship until December.

Mark of Charm – An ASB. I blame Lexington, which I was watching at the time. Breyer: Guest Horses 2021, [Virtual Railbirding]

Glossy Apollo – same as above except shiny. A comparison to see which team I’m on. “While I bought both the Team Matte and Team Glossy magnet, I am a little bummed they did not have a Team Chalky one.” Breyer History Diva: First Impressions


Unless Breyer really blows my socks off, I feel like my plastic pony purchases are winding down. At least until I get caught up in next year’s BreyerFest ClickFest. [Horse Brasses]

Props to Breyer History Diva: Second Impressions. The post suggested a Joseph Cornell art box. I am not that ambitious, but it gave me the idea to do something other than a series of standard side conformation shots.

Model Horse [Archives]

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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