Looking At Leather In The Rearview Mirror, New Bridle


Awareness of the outside world. No dog in the hunt so I have not put any decision-making capacity into the question of school openings. Digital props to everyone who is.

Milton styling in his new bridle from Two Horse Tack.

It’s made from beta biothane. Which is wrong. Tack is leather. She says, losing the argument rapidly. Plastic saddles. Plastic horse boots. And now a reasonably fancy plastic bridle. Snazzy-looking. From the distance of a judge’s booth, you couldn’t tell that it’s plastic. Certainly for the level of dressage &/or other showing we do around here.

Milton’s driving tack is biothane. Can’t argue with the convenience. Ain’t no one got time to clean that much leather. [New Equipment: Zilco Harness]

Stay safe. Stay sane.

3 thoughts on “Looking At Leather In The Rearview Mirror, New Bridle

  1. And how. I have my (very) old saddle still, leather of course, and when I Lexol it the smell brings back familiar, good memories. Plastic, while easier to clean, will never be able to do that. Not that I’ll ever ride again, so it’s really a moot point.

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