Style and Grace and Hay Bales


Awareness of the outside world. “We live in a world where girls and women are FINED for trying to cover up while playing sports, but also EXPELLED from schools if their shoulders are showing. Again, I dare you to ask why we’re angry.” @ida_skibenes, Twitter

At most of the places we buy hay, some obliging young man loads the hay. At least, when the little lady is buying. One store is more DIY. For this particular occasion, the feed store person tossed hay from the front of the tractor-trailer to the back. I loaded the bales into the truck.

Stand one foot on truck bumper.

Stand one foot on metal steps piled with loose hay.

Load several bales.

Get clever.

Decide to toss bale into place rather than lifting into truck bed and rearranging later.

Forget about momentum inherent in a bale of hay.

Swing goes the bale.

Counter-swing goes the body.

Descend into space between truck and stairs.

Break fall with dropped bale.

Jump up.

Look around to make sure no one saw that.

Resume loading hay. Carefully.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

6 thoughts on “Style and Grace and Hay Bales

  1. I did not feel poetic. I suppose Might Casey didn’t either.

    I’m fine. Side sore for a few days. Sneezing was problematic. It’s never (rarely? ) bad if the first thing you worry about is who saw.

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