Tevis, Virtual and Otherwise, 4 Miles, 3 Days

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Awareness of the outside world. I can’t bitch about gatherings and then give the groups I like a pass. So, I did wonder if this was the best choice of activities at the moment. The ride itself was outside and social distant by default. The travel? The hotels? No masks anywhere, but then, outside. No mention of Covid or vaccine/testing protocols. If there was, I missed it. The big concern was the smoke from wildfires. I don’t have any answers, but ignoring the questions is not the way forward.

Virtually following the IRL Tevis.
IRL riding the virtual Tevis.

Tevis Tidbits

Card for the IRL ride. Tevis: PDF

The Western States Trail Ride began at 5:15 am PDT, Saturday, July 24, 2021.

Treasured Moments (Treasure) & Reynolds, Jeremy stopped the timers at 10:03 pm. Tevis: rider page

Ozark Kaolena SWA (Lena) ridden by Jeanette Mero won the Haggin Cup for best conditioned. Tevis: rider page

Tevis has two finish lines. The official finish is up in dark where your time stops. Then you mosey down to McCann Stadium, cross the second finish line, and – most importantly – go to the final vet check. Yes, you can do 100 miles and not complete if your horse isn’t judged Fit To Continue. That has to be a bummer.

Video. Eventual winner walks into stadium leading horse. Picks up jog; horse trots. Vaults onto horse. Trots off to toward finish banner. Vaults. Onto horse. After riding 100 miles. I can’t even.

Me, watching another rider finish: You’re done. You can stop trotting.
Husband, overhearing: Maybe they can’t.

Award for most adorable goes to Piece of Perfection (Flash), a 11.2 hand Hackney pony ridden by the 13 yo Kyla Law. The pair was escorted by Kyla’s mom, Natalie, on Mo Motion Jack (Brave), an American Saddlebred! They finished 36th at 4:33 am. Tevis: rider page

And with that, I am officially tired of watching other people do things. Lexington, Tour de France, BreyerFest, Olympics, Central States, Tevis, more Olympics. Onwards!

Tevis home
The Horse: Jeremy Reynolds Wins Fourth Tevis Cup, Hayes

Virtual Tevis 2021

Card for our virtual ride

Slow start.

After getting their annual shots on Friday, they boarded the Pitiful Train to Woeville, Population 2. Saturday was reclining on couches and mopping brows.

On Sunday, we were considering a short ride to help them loosened up. What’s that I hear? The thunder of hooves in the field? Okay then, saddle up.

Two days of walking. Footing still soggy.

Data dump

Sat, July 24, IRL Tevis – 0 miles.

Sun, July 25 – 1.9 miles. 51 minutes.

Mon, July 26 – 2.1 miles. 52 minutes

Total 4 miles.

Approximate speed, 2.2 mph. Update, actually 2.3 mph. At our speed, one wants to count every tenth.

Approximate time to go one mile, 25 minutes.

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Stay safe. Stay sane.

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  1. Seeing people doing things on my TV has gotten to be a way of life. Must stop and walk! Me, IRL. Walk.

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