Arguing With My Feed Bag


Bad weather all day. Desktop stayed off. Here’s one from the vault.

I have the same conversation every time I pick up a feed bag.

ProElite bag: There can only be one best.(TM)

Me: True. That doesn’t mean it has to be you.

Every. Time.

Does anyone else argue with their groceries?

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

6 thoughts on “Arguing With My Feed Bag

  1. Yes. Can’t think of all the examples but off the top of my head is telling Lindt that ‘chocolatier’ wasn’t a real word until they made it up.

    1. Sorry, I was being snarky 😁 (I meant ALL words aren’t real until someone makes them up…maybe I just have an issue with their chocolates 🤔)

      1. If you want a real fake word, look at the Philadelphia Cream Cheese commercials. I don’t even know how to spell the word they invented.
        No need for apology, there are plenty of real, obscure words that people might think are fake. Someone has to make up words, just look at Shakespeare. It’s just that there are plenty of good words already out there.

        1. Well thank you very much…I went on YouTube and now I’m grabbing my chive tweezers and training to be a Schmelier. I shall, of course, credit you in my awards acceptable speeches 😁

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