V for Vaccine


Inspired by the image of a teddy bear made from masks in the Covid Art Museum, here. Artist, Sebastien Limet, @seblorigmi.

Annoyingly, Instagram seems to have closed off the ability to look without logging in. Apologies to those without an Instagram account.

Dose #2 done.

Down The Rabbit Hole
Logos are big biz. Pfizer: Our Visual Identity. History of the Pfizer logo & theory behind the new one.

Dose #1. Similar response. Stiffness. Tiredness. Relief. [My Vaccination

Pandemic Posts [archive]

Stay safe. Stay sane.

3 thoughts on “V for Vaccine

  1. I saw a photo online of someone holding a sign that said, ‘You can get vaccinated without posting about it.’ No. No. No. Post it far & wide. Yodel it. Celebrate the achievement. Katalin Karikó for the win!

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