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Process notes
For my reference. Sketched idea with actual pen & ink. Drew Bezier curves in Inkscape. Freehanded initial shape adjustments, i.e. grabbed the lines and put them where I wanted them. Sort of. Grid used as a tool rather than as a replacement for drawing. This feels like artistic progress. Still, most nodes are placed on grid intersections. What can I say, I like regularity. OTOH mathematical precision doesn’t always look right in lettering. The 3 is one grid space wider in one place to make the bottom of the shape appear heavier. GIMP for border & watermark. Close to what I had in mind. Actually, the 0 came out better. Originally, the flourishes were on the sides. Looked too much like a face. Also, the 0 now matches the 3 better, which I didn’t see until after.
Three Trips Down The Rabbit Hole
“A common graphic variant of the digit three has a flat top, similar to the letter Ʒ (ezh). This form is sometimes used to obstruct changing a three into an eight with fraudulent intent.” Wiki: 3.
You will get an X ribbon if you place third in Y.
Yellow – New Zealand, Sweden, UK, US
White – Australia, Canada, Germany, Netherlands
Red – Czech Republic
Blue – Norway
Wiki: Horse Show, Awards
You probably know that less than + three = heart, <3. Did you know that semicolon + three equals cat smile, :3 ? BTW, these are emoticons. The Guardian: Don’t know the difference between emoji and emoticons? Let me explain, by Hern, 2015.

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