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Awareness of the outside world. Speaking of math. Archie’s Math is a traveling math lab in Central Pennsylvania. “65% of students who responded ‘math is ok’ or ‘I don’t like math’ before the event, changed their response to ‘I like math’ after the event.” AM: Resources > Student test results.pdf. Full disclosure, a family member is involved with this. Still sounds like a good program.
I don’t spend much time pondering my stats. I don’t do anything with my analytics, so I leave them alone to get on with compiling themselves. I look at the hit maps. I wonder about the people in those countries. I wander off. That has been the extent of my involvement.

Then I was read a yearly recap from a blogger who was more in tune with their geography, “Yeah! I finally got a reader from Greenland!” nebusresearch: How 2020 Treated My Mathematics Blog.

So, I decided to take a longer look. Here we are. My blog. In maps.

US in the top spot by almost a factor of 20. Makes sense for a US-based blog. Canada is second; UK third. Both in double digits. Since there are 30/31 posts per month, this could be a handful of readers checking in each day. (Waves hi.) 27 countries for the month.

As above. US in the 5 digits; every place else, 3 digits or below. UK second. Canada, third. 74 countries for the year.

My international gap widens to a factor of 25. Top Ten all time are US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Mexico, India, Brazil, Austria, Germany. UK to Austria in thousands, rest in hundreds. 155 countries, of which 21 are single hits.

I wonder if this is all English speakers, or if some brave souls are reading through Google translate.

Of course, some percentage of these hits are bots. Even at the end of a two-month blog break back in 2018, I was still getting around 20 hits a day. No reason to think the number of bots trolling the Internet has gone down. [Struggle Bus, Bright-Eyed]

Nor do I have a feeling for how this is affected by Following or by RSS feeds. Do those register here or not? I could by huge in Hungary by email. I doubt it. This is probably representative.

Not sure what this all means. Not going to change what I do. But now that I’ve gotten interested, I’ll probably pull up the page more often.

As for bots and the accuracy of the numbers, I know some of y’all are out there, and that's enough.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

4 thoughts on “State of the Blog, In Maps

  1. Now you’ve got me curious about my stats… my blog isn’t visible on Google but I am often surprised when I write about a popular topic and end up with comments from people I had no idea were out there!

  2. The summer of 2016 the bot traffic was insane, even on an unindexed blog like mine. All from Russia driving up traffic 100x+ Every now and again i see a huge spike and I chock it up to bot traffic.

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