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Awareness of the outside world. A race is trying to decide virtual vs IRL. They sent a survey. Filling out the answers crystalized the thoughts I already had. If numbers are still high, there is nothing an individual organization can do to change my mind about attending. No level of masking, wiping, socially-distant package pickups, or time-delay release of runners will outweigh community spread. YMMV.
Digital postcards from my bike ride in virtual New Zealand last spring. You may need a desktop to read the text. If you can’t see it, not missing much. The point here is, ‘Ooh look, pretty pictures.’ [Biking Virtually, New Zealand]

[Biking Virtually, New Zealand] ride journal
[Virtual New Zealand, A Screenshot Slideshow] as it says on the box
[Life Lesson in a Medal, But Not The One You’d Think, Alps to Ocean Virtual Bike Ride, April & May 2020] medal post

Alps 2 Ocean ride website
Conqueror Events: Alps to Ocean challenge website, sender of postcards

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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