Mood on Monday, Be Careful Out There


Awareness of the outside world. Solstice! Longer days! Kermit dance!
Be careful out there. Not in the way you’d think.

Last week, on my way to Lee Springs Park, I was stopped for speeding. [5K To Nowhere]

When I saw the lights, I pulled over, half-expecting the car to blast by.

It didn’t.

Pulled up behind me.

Revolving blue lights parked in my rearview mirror.

Well, shit.

Put on mask.

Officer approached passenger window.

I handed over license and registration.

Did I know I was speeding?

Picture me looking blankly receptive.

56 in a 30.

Asked for proof of insurance.

I handed over my AAA card.

Asked for proof of insurance.

I started pulling cards out of my wallet. Paused for a moment to remember what I was looking for. Resumed pulling cards.

Either I am the world’s best actress I am clearly confused that my insurance card is not to hand.

When it becomes obvious that I am searching for Godot’s cufflinks, officer announced that the database may have my insurance info. Went back to patrol car to check. And, I assume, to run my ID through America’s Most Wanted.

I g0t out of truck to dig into glove compartment. Found duplicate card. Waved it at officer in car. Returned to my seat. Waited quietly. I had definitely been speeding.

Officer returned with a warning.

Well, thank you.

Can we pause to consider how much differently that could have gone had I not been white, well-off, female, and radiating the perky harmlessness of large friendly dog? The racial politics of policing is a significant issue. ‘Fraidy Cat Eventing: to Baltimore, with love

That’s not where I am going with this.

My point here is that – if I am any example – we are all less in control than we think we are.

I’ve driven a lot. I’ve had a license for 40+ years. I have not driven a lot *lately*.

The officer told me to slow down. They were not wrong. I wasn’t a danger to myself or others. 56 was fine on that road. But it was zippy. I don’t usually drive zippy.

I am not used to being out & about in the age of Covid. I was certainly more cavalier behind the wheel than I usually am.

Think of all the things you haven’t done lately. The next time you do that thing, consider that your judgment might not be as reliable as it has been in the past. For example, when I finally socialize with three-dimensional people, I will need to reel in the rabid fan girl.

Even if you think you are doing okay …

Go easy.

Take it slow.

Be careful out there.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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  1. Glad all is well! I found myself speeding the other day (thankfully was not pulled over) – was safe but clearly going faster than I should have been going, so I believe you’re totally on the bit about getting back out when one hasn’t been out very much!

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