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Lucky enough to have a horse.

Awareness of the outside world. VACCINE ROLLOUT! I’m a few days late due to writing ahead and the impact will take a while to filter down to daily living. The logistics are staggering; the population numbers enormous. Still. Celebrate where we can. Vaccinations have started!
What with one thing and another, the home team hasn’t appeared in a post since last Wednesday. They aren’t scheduled back until at least next week, and then they’ll be dodging holiday posts and yearly recaps.

They’re fine.

Milton’s latest feed change is agreeing with him. His coat is even getting slick.

Rodney is liking his feed and tack arrangements.

Ringwork on the weekends, here or one of our regular spots. Handwalks and bodywork during the week. Rodney may do stand practice or a short walk.

I was loving the daily mile. Rodney less so. I didn’t realize how uncomfortable he was alone until I saw how relaxed he has gotten in company. I could work on it, but why? If he hates it that much, is it something I want to insist on?

There are a few iron-clad absolutes with our horses. Keep your teeth to yourself. Keep your hooves to yourself. Stand still when required. Follow when asked.

The rest? Up for negotiation.

Particularly when competing, you are not going to do well if the horse doesn’t like his job. I’m not saying they should adore dressage to the extent of dancing pas de deux in the moonlight together. Just not regard the arena as the sandpit of doom.

The Virtual Tevis provided structure August through November. We are casting about to see what is next.

According to the NPR Hospital look -up tool, area hospitals are over 80% full. We discussed this and have elected to keep riding. In return, we are keeping it as quiet and predictable as one can with horses. Activities that we know. Places they are used to. Quiet walks. Trotting and cantering in protected spaces. Maybe bail a bit earlier than usual if things start to go wahooni-shaped.

Now is not the time for bold ventures and elborate plans.

I have taken to wearing my cross-country vest, both as a safety gesture and to get used to riding with it in case one day I, maybe (swoon), go XC again. [New Equipment]

We are chugging along. At this point, that is awesome.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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