The Pause, Plus a Bit, Virtual Trail Report, Tevis Sippy Cup, Miles 80 to 81, October 2020


Awareness of the outside world. Lost track of days & forgot that yesterday was Columbus Day. I don’t have kids, so I never had this issue, but seems to me that it would be hard to teach kids to be good when history class is a litany of people being shitty to each other. If country X can invade/conquer/colonize country Y because they want to, why can’t I just take Freddy’s toy?

Beginning of the week, my back hurt. I rested. Middle of the week, Rodney got shod. He rested. End of the week, rain from Hurricane Delta. We all rested.

Conservation of misery. Getting all the delays over at once.

4 weeks. 20 miles. We got this.

None this week. Previous badges included for encouragement.

Daily Log
We are doing our rides in 1/3 or 1/2-mile laps around our pasture. Link to standings, Doctor Whooves, Major Milton, All. Daily screenshots from VTevis results page.

Monday, October 5 – Saturday, October 10, 2020. 0 miles.

Sunday, October 11, 2020. 1.38 miles. Total 81 miles. Time & pace – ridiculously slow. SSF. Streetview still not available. Tracking the trail on the other side of the river.

Went over to Stepping Stone Farm to school, more on this tomorrow. Originally, wasn’t going to count this mileage, since we have not been counting Rodney’s schooling trips to Falcon Hill Farm. Only had phone on me to for between-the-ears shots. Started tracker out of habit. Argued myself into counting it because, both horses did the miles, and we had some very definite trail-type obstacles to walk past.

“Your pace for this activity was 1.5mph. Please confirm your time and resubmit if this is correct.” This is what the VTevis result’s page had to say about our time. Yeah, thanks, we were that slow.

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Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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  1. Awareness of the outside world:

    I don’t know. I think I did a good job.
    You seem reasonable and kind.

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