Missed It By THAT Much, Almost A Boast


Awareness of the outside world. Book rx. Deadly Education, Naomi Novik (Del Rey 2020). Ghastly premise. She makes it work. This from someone who does not enjoy ghastly. Only downside, the story pulled me along so thoroughly that I finished it in one day. Back to having nothing to read. Sigh. The curse of a gripping book.
Last year, I had a perfect month with the New York Times crossword puzzle.

I extolled it from the rooftops. [Totally Off Topic Brag]

Of course I wanted to repeat the feat, prove I was still a special rabbit. Some months were good. Some months were bad. Last month was sooooo close.

Missed by one day.

Missed by one clue.

Missed by one letter.

48 down, clue: Like the latest, in the past.

Answer: Hep

My answer: Hip

The across was no help. 50 Across, clue: Georgia who played Georgette on 1970a TV. Ingel? Engel?


Puzzle commentary, Rex Parker Does the NYT Crossword Puzzle: Saturday, September 19, 2020.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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