Exercise In The Time Of The Virus

Fit To Ride

Awareness of the outside world. On Wednesday, still thinking about Sally. When your state is headlining on the national weather channel, it tends to focus your attention.

Blogging note. A second post appeared erroneously yesterday. It belongs over in storage. Apologies to anyone who got an extra email. [Walking ToC].
A roster of my recent fitness activities. The exercise is the same. The window dressing has changed.

Riding – Virtual Tevis. I may have mentioned this. [Archives]

Biking – Currently, virtual Route 66. Have done the Inca Trail & Alps to Ocean in New Zealand. When we finally reach California, I will sign up for The Great Ocean Road in Australia. Medals and maps from The Conqueror Virtual Challenges. [Biking Virtually, Route 66]

5Ks – Have walked nine so far. Two IRL; seven virtual. Five of the virtual were associated with formerly-scheduled IRL events; two were DIY. [Will Walk and Bike for Bling]

Walking – On days I don’t ride a bike or walk a 5k, I usually walk around the pasture, as much for brain as for body. I have begun logging the miles as a virtual trek down the Mississippi River. I would have signed up if anyone offered a virtual medal. No one does, so I am tracking it myself with the help of river maps. [Walking Virtually, Mississippi River]

What’s the same? The Activities
I rode and biked and walked in the before times.

I ride and bike and walk now.

I will ride and bike and walk in the after times. Lord willing.

What’s the same? The Places
Life in the country. Space to do all these things without seeing other people. No social distance concerns, no gym closures. We bike the same roads as before. I walk and ride in the same pasture. There was loose talk of taking the horses other places to log miles. Nothing has come of that so far.

What’s Different? The Specifics
Biking – a mild incentive to hit the mileage. Mostly a way to keep track and look at pretty pictures once I get home.

Riding – No way would we have done a five-mile trail ride without “Tevis” dangling in front of us.

5K – Wouldn’t be doing these at all. For amusement, I have made an effort to find new places to walk.

Walking – I now do 3 laps instead of the 4 that I used to do. Makes for an even mile. I don’t feel too bad about reducing the distance. Usually there is a second activity earlier in the day. [My Two Horses]

What’s Different? The Unreal Aspect
Of course the big change is the virtual component.

All of the 5Ks were scheduled to be IRL. The Gaelic Gallop also had a virtual option. It has been interesting to see how the different races manage their switch to virtual. Some say ‘Here’s your medal, do as you will.’ Others use tracker apps to record distance and post results.

The Virtual Tevis is new, obviously. I hope they offer some form of virtual participation once the horses are back on the trail. We’ll see.

The various virtual medal programs existed. Some hand you a medal. Some track your progress on a map. Neither one appealled to me back when I had other options. Which leads to …

… the bling!

There are enlightened individuals who compete for the love of the game. I am not one of them. Lemme see the loot. No horse shows. Sad face. Medals. Happy face! Yes, I have chosen walks based on the medal offered.

I’m not going much of anywhere for a while. Following my virtual progress on a map gives me a chance to travel in my imagination.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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