Mood On Monday, Upside, At Least The Horses Are Happy

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Awareness of the outside world. During a televised horse race from the UK, one of the commentators said that some of the horses prefer racing in front of empty stands. Less noise? Less tension in the air?

Back on this side of the Atlantic, our horses are adapting well to shutdown, semi-shutdown, Safer at Home, call it what you will.

Milton LOVES having someone around the barn all day. Although the major bread-winner’s job is open, he goes in only when necessary. He’s WFH the rest of the time. He has set up an office in the barn aisle.[Unintended Consequences]

Of course, a person around the barn means an increase in cookie breaks and hay snacks. Milton is definitely for those. In addition, Milton just plain likes hanging around people. Always has. (Unless the people is me, then no, but that’s a different blog post.) After a lesson, Milton would happily stand around listening to the people talk rather than wandering off to hunt grass. OTOH, Rodney is better about amusing himself, i.e. grazing. He’s all for the cookie fests and hay snacks.

While work is being done in the aisle, Milton loafs in the run-in half of the barn. Rodney comes in because that’s were the herd is. After a while Rodney can’t take it anymore and goes out to eat grass. Milton follows because that’s where the herd is going. After a while Milton can’t take it any more and comes back to the barn. Rodney follows because …

The other observation has been Rodney’s fly button. Milton stands in front of the fan. Rodney stands behind Milton. This is second banana position. It also puts Rodney’s snoot in the path of Milton’s swishy tail. Flies are flicked off of Rodney’s face. When the tail slows, Rodney reaches out and touches Milton on the butt. Milton feels something on his skin. The tail swishing resumes. I’ve seen this in action. It’s hysterical.

The go-nowhere approach to riding agrees with them. Since we are home so much, both horses are getting worked daily. Except for when they take a week off for rain, or a month off for being a cupcake about their shoes. They get lots of work in terms of frequency, not lots of work in terms of intensity.

When you have no plans, it’s easier to be philosophical about day-to-day progress. Having a good ride? Great. Having a bad day? Too hot? Ah well, ratchet down the work, find something to quit on, and try again tomorrow.

Probably ought to have more of this attitude in non-pandemic times.

How about you? Pets happy for the company or over it?

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

4 thoughts on “Mood On Monday, Upside, At Least The Horses Are Happy

  1. As a service dog, Eowyn is with me 24/7. With brief breaks that seem to upset me more than her. The guppies don’t seem to care one way or the other.

    1. “here, fishy fishy” and they’re all at the corner where I put in the food. I guess for a guppy that counts as happy.

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