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Awareness of the outside world. I got nothing. Taking yesterday off rendered me fretful and lethargic rather than rested and productive. To quote Scalzi, again, “Well, the first two decades of 2020 are done.” Whatever: Five Things: July 1, 2020.

I took the horse request off of my Postcrossing profile. I am more interested in seeing a subject local to the sender than in receiving random horse images. Plus, I have proven more than willing to use non-horse topics as blog fodder.

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Message says the stork is the national Lithuanian bird, VilNews, The Voice Of International Lithuania: Happy Stork Day!! I am assuming Nida refers to the town in Lithuania.

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Zehnder’s of Frankenmuth Restaurant
The Zehnder family has owned and operated this iconic
restaurant since 1928. They are well known for their
traditional chicken dinners as well as scrumptious breads
and pastries.

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Musical chairs with mice, birds, frogs etc and toadstool chairs
by Molly Brett (1902 – 1990)

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Message says this is Grodno, Belarus.

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In German.

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Internet translation, “I don’t let myself be stamped!”
Niedersachsen: Pferde


Artists of Paris School from Belarus. Belarus News: Belarus releases postage stamps commemorating artists of Paris school. 2015. No photos.

No info. Lietuva is the endonym. Endonym Map.

Dutch Icons, 2014. Linn’s Stamp News has a article on this, theoretically, but the link does not go through.

No info. Luqa is a town in Malta.

USA. Purple Heart Medal. USPS: Honoring the Sacrifices. 2019.

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Not as much luck with my Internet search this time. Please LKM of any relevant sites I missed.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
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9 thoughts on “A Herd of Horseless Postcrossings

  1. Nida, Lithuania
    Nida is a resort town in Lithuania, located on the Curonian Spit. It has 1,650 residents and is the administrative center of the Neringa municipality. Nida Airport is located in the town. Nida is the westernmost point of Lithuania and the Baltic States.

  2. Luqa Is a densely populated town in Malta near the International Airport. The average temperature is 93o – too hot for my taste!.
    Sorry for multiple short posts, I keep going back to look for more info.

  3. Lietuva is Lithuania. According to the International Postal Union, if I remember correctly, all stamps must have their name on them in English letters.
    Belarus was once part of the Soviet Republic, under the name Belorussia. The capital is Minsk.
    The Dutch stamp was issued in 2014, part of a sheet of priority mail stamps showing varying Dutch items,. There was also a stamp sheet, smaller in size but showing the same profile, white against blue.
    Hope this helps.

  4. I like postcards, and glad to see these with commentary. I treasure the one’s my dad sent from around the world when I was a kid (he flew for Pan Am). Today I use them for work, or just because …. and also try to keep up with rising postage stamp costs. Thanks for sharing these.

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