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American Saddlebred Horse Association of Alabama Banquet
Stone Bridge Farms
Cullman AL USA
Saturday, January 25, 2020

Year-End Awards for 2019 Show Season
Academy WTC Adult Equitation: 3rd of 5
Academy WTC Adult Showmanship: 4rd of 5

For the first time in seven years, the length of time I have been showing Saddlebreds, I was not the Champion in my Adult divisions, nor the Adult Academy Highpoint. I handled it better than you might think, given my competitiveness and my oft-stated infatiation with show satin.

First off, I had to see it coming. I went to four ASHAA shows last year. This is not the schedule of which champions are made.

Second, the titles were won by a rider from Stepping Stone Farm. So I could happily cheer them on. Go Team!

Finally. I really want to be showing my own horses over in the jumping side of the world. Last year, Milton and Rodney and I took our first steps in that direction. This cut into my time to go gallivanting with the Saddlebreds. Ideally, I would have compensated for the decrease in year-end ribbons from the saddle seat folks with an increase in year-end ribbons from hunter/jumpers &/or eventers. Maybe next year.

Saddlebred? Alabama [back]? There are times I wonder about the turns my life has taken.

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