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Variations from my author photo shoot. Photos by Meg McKinney [Blog Archive].
[My New Author Photo]
[Behind the Photo]

Hay Bale Alternate



In The Ring

The one I submitted.

Which one do you like best?

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8 thoughts on “Alternate Author Photos

  1. My favorite is the hay bale. But the one you used is my second choice. Great photos. Meg does have the touch.

  2. The one you submitted. Looks natural and relaxed. And you’re blocking the green bucket in the background, which is distracting to the eye in the other hay shot. (Yes, the bucket could be photo shopped out, but I still like the one you submitted better.) My second choice would be the one leaning against the posts …. but again, I dislike the big blurry white truck in the background.

  3. Also too … as someone who really picks apart my own photography, I’ll tell you why I didn’t like the truck and chair pics. In the truck photo your white hair and the white truck merge, making it look like you’ve lost the top of your head. White against a white background doesn’t work for most eyes. I also don’t like that you’re not looking at the camera, but your head is turned away. Meh. Artsy, but not … professional. Lastly, the focus is blurry, not sharp. In the chair pic, you lose your ears because the fence in the background bisects your head. Just bad placement of background stuff in both pics. YOU are the focus. That’s why I like the pic you picked … YOU stand out crisply and clearly and are the main focus of the photo. (OK, in all fairness I’m not thrilled about the knee/lower leg in the foreground and the top of your face/hairline are a bit blown out, but I can live with that) The background (and other details, like the hay bale itself) don’t detract from the main focal point, which (to my eye) is most important.

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