Stepping Stone Show Team Shows Off In Show Horse Magazine

Adventures in Saddle Seat


Still other people’s adventures. Stepping Stone Farm in Show Horse Magazine.

I was at the show where the group photo was taken [Saddlebros], possibly even on the grounds. Since we shipped Milton in for the day, we were hanging out in a shady corner of the parking lot rather than cluttering up the barn aisle and getting in the way.

I had been invited to be part of the ad. I would have loved to see Milton in the magazine. A gray TB in hunt seat tack would have been eye-catching in a magazine full of chestnut ASBs in saddle seat tack. Alas, the opportunity came when I was reeling from one of those exciting expense experiences that whacks you upside the head when you pay, and then returns for another go when you pay the credit card. The bill clotheslined me when I first heard about the ad. Then resurfaced like a bad meal right at the deadline when it was time to give the final word. So, no PR for Milton. Sniff.

[The Two Sides Of Major Milton]

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