Sweat, Roll, Repeat

Horsekeeping, The Gray Wonder


You don’t get this effect without diligent effort.

Maybe my other horses were Pig-Pens but I never noticed because they were dark bay or black. Milton is my first opportunity to discover the particular delights of owning a gray horse.

Of course he got both sides.

Removal. Waves of brown water cascaded off his body.

Thank you for reading,
Katherine Walcott

3 thoughts on “Sweat, Roll, Repeat

  1. Oh, and to think of how hard he worked to get that much dirt on him — possibly a bug repellant, I’ve been told, or maybe he just liked to roll around.

    1. I think the light-colored horses just enjoy seeing the look of dismay on their human’s face at the realization of how much work it will be to get them clean again.
      I think bay hides the dirt the best. 🙂

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